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Process Combustion

Process Combustion Process Combustion

Process Combustion

Our technicians are highly specialized in providing superior service and installation of your Process Combustion equipment. Services include tune-ups, combustion analysis, safety checks, calibration and emission testing.


We provide upgrades and modifications to Process Equipment to meet current CSA and TSSA requirements. These upgrades include valve trains, fuel conversions, flame safeguards and control panels. We provide service to many makes of burners: Fuel Master, North American, Eclipse, Power Flame, Maxon, Riello and Hauck and Flame Safeguards: Honeywell, Fireye, Eclipse, Siemens, and Protectofier. Clients include manufactures and users of Heat treating Furnaces, Aluminum Extrusion Furnaces, Re-melt furnaces, Baking Ovens, Rotary Kilns and Air Heating.



Our Custom Burner Management and Control Systems are PLC based control systems with complete process feed back, touch screen interface, flame safeguard, integrated draft control and duel fuel capability. Our Custom Damper Control Systems can be integrated with your existing controls or stand alone provides precise draft control with draft and damper position indication, digital or analog base control systems available.